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  1. OK so I left my Bubble hash water to sit for like 3days, I am guilty of over mixing ice and weed, I've got like 3 black rubish bags full of cab and shake sitting in my fridge, I could only process 1/4 of a bag at a time and wanted to process it as fast and thorough as posible so I just power mixed really. I have a 8 bag set Finishing at 25 micron after sifting I let the water sit, the 25miron has been draining for days and because of that I'm not going to repour water through I thought about it whilst thinking the water sat for three days + and I've had what seems to me is the purest hash float, like how milk curdles on a stale cup of tea. I can't believe it?! Lol, its drying at the moment I just threw all the shit at the bottom of my container out, I'm nz based summers around the corner and I have to much. Any ideas of better ways to processing and has anyone else had what I've had happen? I understand how to redo it I havnt seen any1 else do it this way and am just wondering what are the pros and cons, I thought over mixing is bad and I was just being lazy, lol
  2. No one does it that way because trichomes sink to the bottom. Overmixing, like with a power mixer breaks up the veg matter so fine it'll go thru your bubble bags along with the trichs and spoil the quality of your hash.
  3. it wasnt over mixed were it broke up the plant mater #nutrabulletstyle no way, i used a dull mixer to ensure that even the ice was still in its original form aside from the melting, also could heat be used to bind the trichs or is my thinking completely wrong? the hash looks good apart from the 25micron which came out real dark i assume from the chlorofilm(plant mater from overmixing lol) its like clay and smells real strong if i look at it under a microscope its basically all trichs. i would like to add i used a younger sativa based strain so i expected alot from my 25micron, i put some hash on my cone smoked it and strugge to keep my eyes open lol its good. But no your right thanks, ill need to apply more patients mix less and not as vigorous, ill try get my technique a 100% by the end of these bags.
  4. oh well im a little gutted so all the shit that looked like gold lol, floated to the top and binded was just plant matter from over mixing haha,can it still be used for something thats not high related? or should i just cut my loses, by the end of this i hope to have more information than the utube video i watched the guy was no scholar of yale, the video had more thumbs up than thumbs down and i guess as a starter it was ok. Thanks for the feedback Cactus ed i needed reassuring and you help more than you think lol. Atm i follow Jorge Cervantes
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  5. I haven't made bubble in several years and my memory is shit but I'd toss everything that didn't catch in your screens. What I've also done is dried everything from the first screen....all the stuff usually tossed...then soaked it in iso and made oil for edibles. This will get you the THC leftovers that didn't come loose in the ice water. There's probably also some very small trichs in that clay you found that'll release their THC in the alcohol so toss that in with the rest.

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