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bubble cloner problems?

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by horsefacekilla, Sep 4, 2010.

  1. hey i made a bubble cloner with of a 5gal bucket and a 6inch airstone and i think i might be seeing the start of some trouble. its only been 5 days but im not seeing any type of root growth and a couple of cuttings have a light brown ring around the cut end. the cuttings themselves look fine and arnt wilting. any help would be great, thanks.
  2. that may not be enough water on the stem to create roots.... all cloners i have seen in the five gallon buckets use a submergeable water pump and have something like six misting heads that create lots of water all over the place.... not so sure a air stone is enough water all over the place to create roots.

    what type of water? the couple I have seen say to use water only 0ppm R.O. is the best

    any pictures of said brown ring?
  3. ive seen those cloning machines before that mist the roots with a pond pump but i already had a air pump and stone so i went this way. i just read a gide on the do-it-yourself fourm and i dont thinki have enough bubbles.. as for the water im just using tap water that sat overnight, ph'd to 5.8 and no nutes. no pics i dont own a digital camera...
  4. No reason to panic just yet my friend. It takes time for the root to show. Some take 4 days some over 2 weeks. And yes, in the meanwhile the plant will begin to look a little funky. Brown rings on the stem, leaves that die some etc. Just check your water to see if you see any slime or algea. If you don't keep going.
    I am using a bubbler myself, and I am 7-8 days into cloning. No roots.

  5. Day 7 today and one plant has roots....the worst looking one of the lot, well she must be the hardest working because shes got 3 different roots sticking out of her:). a couple look like they sealed off compleatlybut hopefully ill get a few!
  6. good luck man ! , im having the same problem
  7. I got 100% sucess on bubble cloners with tap water.
    The key to secess is make the water boil with air bubbles and cover the top of the cloner with something to keep in the moisture.

    I use 2 plastic tubs that are the size of a loaf of bread. I get 10 clones from it, one is covered with silver tape the other is clear plastic.
    I put a 13w CFL over them and in about 10 days I got roots.

  8. yea same...ive done one lot of clones in a bubble cloner...its got 8 clone sites in a simple 10L tupperware container completely covered in silver weather-proof tape

    i had these clones in 1" RW cubes in a huidity dome and they werent gettin anywhere in 2 weeks. so i thought, if im gonna change my whole system to DWC, why not try the bubble cloner.

    only had 1 4" air stone and a water heater heating the water to 25-30 degrees Celcius and within 5 days they were showing signs of roots

    just hang in there
  9. I've got 100% success from bubble cloners.

    A couple things I due for success:
    * Keep temps over 80*F
    * Add about 5ml of regular hydrogen peroxide per 2 gallons of water
    * Use sharp and sterile tools
    * 24 hours of low lighting
    * Use a humidity dome if necessary
  10. how long do u let the roots get before transplanting cuttings into their own bucket?
  11. I let em' get about 6 inches or so, then set in the net pot, let a couple hang out, cover em' up with hydroton, keep the net pots in about 2 inches of bubbling water until the roots come out the bottom a couple of inches, they are ready then.
  12. using a 5 gallon bucket puts the actual air stone far away from the surface of the water...

    As you have been told you want to mimic boiling water with bubbles..
    If you insist on a 5 gallon bucket try and get the air stone higher in the buckets..
    about 2-3 inches from the surface is good... and i agree 5-6 days isnt long enough...

    Bubble cloners work great... roots generally show 7-14 days... depending on strain and method they were cut with....

    Take care..


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