Bubble Buckets help!

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  1. My bubble bucket system needs its leaks fixed ASAP, all the gromets are fine, its suprisingly all of my 90 elbows that leak. Is there anything to fix this? They are pushed all the way in and are the right size, they drip pretty aggressively when its running though :(

    Help please!
  2. Have you considered wire clamps?
  3. That's exactly why I don't use grommets in any of mine.
  4. My gromets were fine, they don't leak at all. I went to clamps to fix the problem and still had just as much leaking! Turns out 6 of the 8 elbows I used had little manhole leaks in them! My local grow shop got a bad batch I suppose, going in tomorrow to trade them in for some new ones
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    Make sure you use aquarium silicone...local fish stores carry it

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