Bubble bucket vs soil - 1st time beginner grow!

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    Ok, so I was reading the step by step on building a bucket bucket to use and it didn't seem that hard but the yield that the guy had was just amazing!!! How much harder would it be for a beginner like me to start out with a bubble bucket instead of soil?? I know hydro is less forgiving than soil, but I know things are more automated also. How much harder is it and how easy is it to fuck up using hydro/bubble bucket?

    Also, if I were to make a bubble bucket, how loud would that be?

  2. To be really successful you need to invest in a reverse osmosis water system, and a good ph/tds meter to keep your nutrient solution in check. It is also very important to be able to control the heat of the solution in your bucket. 68 degrees is desired, and it is hard to maintain that in a single bucket in a small space.

    The growth is phenomenal with the right conditions, but unless you can deal with the heat issues and get the right equipment BEFORE you start, I would recommend going soil for your first grow. As your grow progresses, accumulate the necessary tools for a bubble bucket grow, and then do DWC on one of your subsequent grows.

    I've had great successes with bubble buckets, but last summer I had some root issues when the nute solution got to warm. Fortunately, I've got enough space to have different plants going in different systems. Good luck on whichever way you decide to grow.
  3. i started off in soil, but will be soon going over to bubble buckets, the noise will depend mostly on the quality of the air pump.....

    the plants do grow much faster than in soil, but they can be tempermental....if you plan on using bucket system, make sure you have a good ph meter(measures waters ph level), and a tds meter(measure nute strength). i didn't get all fancy with the tubes on the side to see the level, i simply covered them in black tape and put a hole in ths side, up really hight for an air line to fit in....

    if you can check on them regularly should be ok......
    good luck..
  4. Each has its pros and cons. Hydro takes more care and caution than soil. You can burn a plant up in hydro very quick if you add too much nutes because they are instantly accessible to the plant. There are also extra expenditures when using hydro in buying a PPM meter, which can get somewhat pricey . Also there is a bit of work in changing the rez regularly and making sure it has the correct level of water in it. The thing that puts hydro over soil IMHO is the rate of growth. A plant in soil will generally not grow as fast as one in hydro. For someone who isnt familiar with hydro it can look like a tall order but if you read all you can on it and are familiar with the plants life cycles, it will become just as easy if not easier than soil.
    And to answer your question on how loud a BB would be....it depends really on the brand of air pump you get, but It should sound almost like a small fish tank.
  5. With R/O,meters,a chiller and this site you could do very well if you set everything up right.

    Knowing what to do and doing it fast is what its all about with BBs.

    If you dont mind spending the $$ or having problems which cannot be fixed(unless you have the 4 things i said)you could be very successful if you have the time,once you know the drill its really a no brainer.

    My BBs are nearly totally automated,all i do is add nutes and raise the light,kinda boring,soils more work.:rolleyes:
  6. I use R/O and dont need to ever change the solution from veg through flush.

    I have a res. with a float for R/O and an online pH/ppm meter so all i do is keep the ppm at 1200ppm and keep it at 68F. and the solution stays crystal clear from start to finish.

    Look into the Lucas system and you will find R/O and cool solution temps can go for many months,i went over 4 months adding Lucas/GH and AN nutes once a week with a 1.2 GPW yield.:D

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