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  1. My 1st attempt at growing.

    So far its been a few months of British weather and the occasional baby bio watering and she's doing well.

    Unsure what strain she is as I had some seeds in the bottom of my bag of weed last year and thought I'd see if any grew.

    What do U all think?

    When/how can I get some cuttings from her and when should I bring her in for 12 hours?

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  2. A few more pics

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  3. Nice bushy girl! Like the decorative planter too, I wish we could surround our patios with beautiful marry jane plants, legally! Cute little kitty too :)
  4. nice bush man very nice. let her keep growing!
  5. When do I start bringing it in for 12 hours?
  6. are there no natural light cycles?
  7. It's just growing in a pot in my garden with no nutes. Sunrise is about 6 at the moment and sunset around 9pm
  8. I water it every other day if it hasn't rained.
  9. Built this cupboard outside ready for flowering stage.

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  10. well if you have the light cycles like i do on the east coast it should start flowering on its own pretty soon. No need to put it in a box and flower early. It will do that on its own and be ready for harvest with a better yield in a couple months. adding some organic nutes might be good for it too
  11. If you do put it in the box. Make sure there are no light leaks.

    Ya just let it flower on it's own.
  12. Some new pics of Bubba.

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