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Bubba Kush

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by respyshunt, May 25, 2010.

  1. Got a small bag of bubba kush yesterday, 25/g, i got 2 for 45.. looks great and smells great too, definitely some of the lightest weed ive ever grabbed.

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  2. Mmmmmmm bubba kush so tasty... enjoy that.
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  3. i will :D Im not too trustworthy on strain names around here, but its dank and its definitely unique to the danks i usually get
  4. That doesnt quite look like 2g's to me... :confused_2:
  5. nuff said..i didnt think so either, but i weighed it and its right on, it goes anywhere between 2.0 and 1.7, but thats just my scale and depending on how i lay the buds down on it

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  6. Thats mad expensive really. I live on the east coast which is pretty much the highest pricing with the south too. And i could grab that sack for 30$ with a dutch...

    Where you live?
  7. Baltimore area...25 is too expensive for my tastes as well, ive had just as dank weed for 20, but the guy i grabbed from is probably one of the best connections i have right now so im not too mad, plus i got it for 45 isntead of the straight up 50, so im not too pissed about paying an extra 5 bucks

  8. I guess thats a good deal if thats what your seeing where you are..

    I dont even like paying 50$ for an eighth of DANK Granddaddy Purple....
  9. 50 dollar an eigth of dank is unheard of around my area, the going price for danks is usually 60 or 65 an eigth, some d-bags like to charge 70 an eigth for danks which is where i draw my line. the cheepest dank ive ever gotten was 55, and even then it wasnt as nearly as good as the stuff ive been getting now.

  10. I heard in CA dispensaries they pay like 20 a gram. Its the same price all over when it comes to street value. an extra 5,save 10. doesnt matter.

    Nice kush op:smoke:
  11. nice pick up man, & the price is normal 4 the area i live in.
    good 4 you by putting a pic of the scale. all the haters would have bashed you. fuck these people who ALWAYS get shit cheaper

  12. thats true^ but they also have 15 and 10 dollar grams all over as well tho, and most places for the hottest hottest fire best stuff u could possibly find its a 50 dollar cap. some have a 45 dollar cap. And no hating but cali fire is diff than other places what they consider "fire" not everywhere else but most places. cali fire an 8th will stink up your living room from the master bedroom in the back of the house, while bagged up... in a droor.
  13. ^^^ hate 2 tell you man but flame weed is every where. the best bud i ever had was from North Dakota not from cali
  14. #14 Seanyne, May 25, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: May 25, 2010
    hate to tell you, ya wronggg. I wasnt even impressed with Amsterdam's headie stash's, only their dry sift hash's. ive been around. cali holds it down, just cus u got some in north dakota and dont have a legit medical or grower hook up in cali.. its diff. and we both know that north dakota didnt stink up your house while triple bagged in a droor 4 bedrooms away, so shh :p

    I mean shit... ill go on and shop from my home :p
  15. This is possibly one of the most retarted things ive read on here in awhile. So your trying to say your shit in Cali is danker because its grown in Cali? Your really ignorant dude, dank shit comes from the grower not from the fucking state.

    EDIT: And before you come out talking about your "Triple bagged shit that reeks the house up", we get that shit here too, and guess what, shit wasnt grown in cali.
  16. #16 EvoMan454, May 25, 2010
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    Hate to tell you, you are ignorant and immature.

    Just because it comes from Cali doesn't mean its going to be any better than anything else. You think your shit doesn't stink just because you come from California? You're wrong buddy, and I doubt you've been to the Dam. Good bud is everywhere, you just have to know how to grow it. I don't live anywhere near California, and the bud I can get is equal to a lot of the bud I see coming from "Dankifornia". You have a lot to learn little tyke, you'll get there one day.

    Learn how to type before making a completely un-true, biased, retarded statement. Just my $0.02 :p
  17. how am i ignorant when ive traveled the lands o lands, been to the dam, been to bc many many times, and nowhere has better shit than cali. where have you been? what thc/norml/420 tours/weedtracker festival and parties have u been to? do you even know what those things are? whos ignorant? :rolleyes:
  18. You are ignorant because you are full of your self :rolleyes: And every state has dank that can be equal to, or even better than your state. And yes, I know what those things are, and I probably know more about weed than you do but that is irrelevant to this discussion. You are ignorant for thinking just because its from California, that automatically means the seeds are "better" than everyone elses seeds.

    Sorry to say this, but your seeds are no different than mine. If we both planted the same seeds in our own state, and both grew them correctly, they would come out very similar, and yours wouldn't have some "Cali magical bud" powers over mine. I think you should check out some of OSG's grows to see what I mean, his stuff is of higher quality than most cannabis I've seen from California.

    You sound childish, you should have stopped while you thought you were ahead. Now you made yourself look dumb. I'm not busy today, I'll sit here and argue with you. I get a kick out of reading your posts, I should plus rep you for making me laugh and get rid of that red bar :D

  19. I second this one man! haha
  20. Cali does have magical bud powers... god your dumb.

    lol man ive been growin and making concentrates for like 10 years. Im heading down to pick up a few p's of shake for bho runs in an hour from my boys dispense ill throw up a few ounce runs on here k. but im sure u know more than me ;)

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