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Discussion in 'General' started by Lithium, Mar 30, 2006.

  1. i've been doing some out of the box thinking.

    1. why are drugs like ephedra banned, when cough medicine killed more people yearly? (when it was legal) the only fat loss pill that was ever PROVEN to WORK, and the FDA pulls it off the shelves because people would take triple the suggested amount and have heartattacks. so a few people abused the drug and died. Hmmmm. think of all the pharmaceutical drugs that are abused, that people die from daily. why not take them off the shelves? think about alcohol and cigarettes. how are they legal? god forbid the government doesnt make money off of EVERYTHING

    2. speaking of cigarettes, why can't you buy single cigarettes instead of a whole pack? or a pack of 5, and charge $1 for it. it's like, you have no choice other than to buy 20, and once you smoke the 20 you'll most likely have an addiction brewing. thought of that one today while driving around. it's all so the good old Gov' can make some $$ from speeding tickets. what a bullshit scheme.

    3. why don't they have limiters on engines? i looked at my spedometer today. i have a buick lesabre. a grandpa mobil. top speed it says? 140. anything over 60 around here is speeding... and the fastest speed limit in the america is 75. another bullshit scheme.

    we gotta think outside the box people. more on this later.
  2. feel free to add to the list, i'd like to see some of your thoughts. hell,

    4. marijuana is illegal. THAT'S a BS scheme!
  3. 1) Yeah it was stupid to ban ephedra, but it was because of those "think of the children" soccer mom types. Kids would get ahold of them easily (after all, they came in colorful packages and advertised everywhere) and every so often one would die or there'd be a big "scandal" where The Man would find out that a bunch of high school kids used them and would get all up in arms about it. At least that's what I remember. Anyway you can still buy ephedra, just not in Yellow Jackets or Stingers: it's sold as an over the counter asthma relief pill.

    2) You won't get addicted after 20 ciggs. I dunno why they don't sell them in smaller amounts (I know some places sell single ones, but not around here). Probably because most people don't want to keep giong to back to the store to get more cigs, and 5 doesn't last anyone who smokes regularly very long.

    3) Your Buick LeSabre's top speed is 109 MPH, which is limited by the onboard computer. At least that was the top speed of my dad's Buick Century. The car can go faster, but I believe it's because the tires are rated S or R that the computer doesn't let it go faster. Saturn's also won't go faster then 110 MPH even though their engines will allow it because the onboard computer won't let it go any faster. Police cars have modified onboard computers and high rated tires that do not have this limit, so they can go faster. Besides, just because that's the speed limit doesn't mean there won't ever be a situation in which I need to break the speed law for my own safety.

  4. Yup, either the onboard computer or older cars have governors, like 90's blazers cant go over 90 without getting kiked down to 70 lol its irritatin cvause i go 110 everywehre in my pos car haha. But the cop cars in northern kentucky are either fords, and dodges, the dodges can go 120 and the fords can go 115 top speed around here, so luckily! i cna out run those fuckers for a few minutes if ive ever got wayyyy to much crap on me then worth getting busted for

  5. I was thinking the same thing, I who like to smoke cigs once in a while would appreciate a 5 pack, if they had a 5 pack I would buy those instead of always bumming them off people at parties.
    Another thing that worries me is I see more and more abuse of adderall, the thing is people who have severe ADD really need adderall.

  6. I used to sniff it back in high school. I wasn't even getting anything from it... it was like a placebo effect. I think these kids are just wanting to do something, anything.
  7. They give speeding tickets for smoking?!:D

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