BS of the month if not year! (video inside!)

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  1. Just watch:


    [ame=]Dog helped police uncover a Marijuana Growhouse with more than 200 plants[/ame]
  2. What I want to know is how did this dog's lazyness lead to the busting of this grow op? Did this old lady call the cops complaining her dog suddenly became very sleepy all day, and did they suggest there was marijuana near by? Seriously wtf, I doubt this lady ever even concluded that her dog was getting lazy and hungry because of pot, I mean he's a dog, dog's have nothing to do so they just sit around all day, that's what my dog does anyway. And this lady was like no he's not even that old, he's only 6. Thats 42 dog years, this lady is a dumbass.
  3. My dog is 6 years old now. She used to be really playful, but now she just lays around all day grumpy.
  4. That's hilarious. You cannot get high from smelling unburnt buds. I'd wager that the dog is depressed, smelt the cannabis and begged to live next door. He slowly realized that his plan backfired and now he's seeking suicide.
  5. The dog was a paid DEA informant... he, he, he... :D
  6. so i guess you can get drunk by smelling alcohol now too?
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    My bet is the old bag is trying to cover her ass for ratting out her neighbor! Old Stoner GTO is right too, I'd save a lot of money if all I had to do to get blazed is to sniff my bag.


  8. A long time ago I worked in a distillery...I quickly learned doing so with an empty stomach was not a good idea.

    So the answer is yeah you can.

  9. so you can get high from the smell? i wish, i'd stay blazed for months with just a dime.
  10. Sometimes when I take a big wif of some primo bud i get a little tingle in my head, but that is just me being happy.

    Anyhow I am calling bullshit on this "stoned dog" and fuck that old lady.

    Grow room looked pretty nice too.
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  12. but a dogs sense of smell is so powerful, perhaps that's why it got stoned up from just smelling it?:smoking:

  13. Unless there nostrils are also a vacuum and sucks up thc through a wall and then burns or vaporizes it I find it highly unlikely.
  14. I truely hope she doesn't believe that blaming the dog is going to save her from retalliation.
  15. duh, what a dumbass old lady. she doesnt knwo shit about anything. just watch, i bet her dog has a disease or something. then it will die and no one will hear about it.
  16. IMHO the old lady (or her Grandkids etc.) ratted on the neighbor and (the Press?) uses her dog as a cover-up to save her ass.

  17. She was 50-50 on the grow operation, but the young mexican she had tending to the plants was asking for too much money, So she uses the dog in a clever ruse to bust the mexican as the sole operator of the grow.

    Think about it, who are you going to trust, the young mexican man or the sweet old lady with the stoned out dog.

    Or not...

  18. Shes dead.
  19. funniest thing I've ever fucking read! :D

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