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Brushing Your Teeth High

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by IowaPotHead, Nov 4, 2003.

  1. Get really ripped and just stand there in a daze, the feeling is incredible...period.
  2. take a motha fuggin shower man i love doing that when im stoned by my self mmmm feels so good...

    Damn i cant wait till my dad fix's out hot tub in the winter omg... ive neve been in it stoned so its gonna rock..
  3. Ahhh no shit. I would get that feeling in your head when your so relaxed and fucking ripped out of your mind you just wanna pass out.
  4. ok, I must admitt..brushing your teeth, high, in the shower, is key. im talking *key* here people. more people need to experience this...whos with me?!?!?!!!!! :D
  5. I like taking showers stoned cuz it feels like your gonna fall forward in the shower.
    Well really depends on how high you are.
    Still lots of fun
  6. Ohohohoh...I love stoned showers!!!! I'm with ya, Sensi!!! Brushing teeth in a stoned shower rocks. So does other stuff but we're talking about teeth right now! Brush your teeth, people! :p

  7. :D

    I just needed to add my smile on *that* note...

    and a lil ;) never hurts haha

  8. lol, stick a Q-tip in yer there ear!!! thatll make ya feel like you're being sucked up into the stream of water eventhough its pushing on you!!! *very nice* :D

    ps, Q-tip brand

    pss,, whatever is left of the hand you write with

  9. Hell yeah! Taking a shower stoned is one of the best things evar!

    It's even better doing gravity hits in a hot bubbly bath ;)

  10. ha! never thought about jumping in the tub with the bucket!!

  11. You don't need the bucket! That's why you do it in the bath, and not the shower. You're sitting in the bucket ;)
  12. explain how to do this Hempress

  13. ah ah, my bad, I meant jumping in with the bottle,or jug or milk thingie whatever floats your boat :)

    *splish splash I was taken a bath...
    just me and my gravity booooong!*

  14. Well, when you use a gravity bong you need a bucket of water, right? Well, if you're in the bath, there's your bucket!

    Just smoke like you would with a regular gravity bong but using the bath water instead.
  15. I went to a stoned shower once. It was a bridal-shower-turned-all-girl-pot-party! Guess which girl brought the pot?! I was the maid of honor and I got the bride stoned again just before she walked down the aisle. Imagine being ripped and saying, "I do!" I couldn't help but giggle when she did!
  16. I love stoned showers!! I've got one of those massaging showerheads..... *sigh* Sounds pretty blissful right now. ;)

  17. In a year it won't be just a dream for me...I fully plan on being high at my wedding.

  18. Atta way, girl! Will your fiancee be high as well? Why not just get the whole wedding party tokered?!! The pastor, too? Holy Communion, Batgirl! Would that be twisted?! :D
  19. I love stoned showers, I take them all the time. I've never tried brushing my teeth high, I'll have to do that the next time I am high at home.
  20. When i brush my teeth stoned i brush them for ageessss, just feels so weird, brush brush brush brush ......

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