Bruno lands on Eminem. LOL

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  1. i just got done watching an episode from season two of Da Alit G show, lol.
  2. haha I saw it too, so fucking funny.
  3. Pretty sure it was scripted. Andy put his ass in his face too during the opening skit.
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    when it happened i thought the same thing but im still not sure....the way he flipped the fuck out and started cursing seemed so real. they cut the sound completely off when he started saying get this motherfucker off me lol. if that was fake...eminem is a solid actor, he looked straight pissed. the way he landed is the only thing that made it seem a little staged.

  5. And anyone who's seen 8 mile can testify that eminem is not THAT great of an actor haha. and his body guards.. :rolleyes:

  6. haha yeah i guess. i still think hes way better than most idiot rappers that try to act in movies.
  7. LMFAO

    Someone please tell me where I can find the full video of this.
  8. It's all over youtube I bet, but I tried watching one video and it was already taken off.
  9. hahaha so true.
  10. Found this.

    Hopefully it works for you guys.

    [ame=]YouTube - MTV Movie Awards 2009 Bruno falls on Eminem[/ame]
  11. Haha yeah it works thanks man.
    Kinda looks like it was scripted, probably was too. The way the camera shows Eminem and his boys look up at bruno and look at each other like wtf?. And then the way Eminem acted was kinda like ok let me do my lines and get him the fuck off me.

  12. it could have been staged without letting eminem know completely what would happen...i just dont see why he would agree to having a guys ass 3 inches from his face in front of all those people lol. mtv is shady like that so who knows.
  13. hahah he looked so pissed.
  14. it was scripted but eminem didn't know about it.. kinda messed up for em.
  15. Who cares? Yay another piece of drama in the music industry...Awesome.
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    Does anyone have the uncensored version? I heard D12 starts throwing punches at bruno lmao
  17. lol probably, em pushed him away too, looked like he was ready to get down
  18. Woooah...



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