Brownish trichomes?

Discussion in 'General' started by TwiztidToker24, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. My bud has amber/brown trichomes all over it. Atleast I think they are trichomes. They are like brown hairs that cover the bids completely, not jug in spots. It's def not mold. I have had the bid for 5 months and it's dry to prevent mold growth. Why would trichomes be brown, and if they aren't trichomes what are they?
  2. Sounds like mold
  3. Trichs usually turn amber/brown if the bud wasn't harvested at the proper time. The longer you wait to harvest, the more brown it gets and the more potency it loses.
  4. i heard that if you let your bud mature longer tahn the proper time to harvest (when the trichomes are all cloudy white) the amber brown trichs actually make the bud more nightime potent like an indica.
  5. The idea is to harvest the plant at its peak when the trichs are cloudiest white

  6. wait so you came back to this thread after SEVEN MONTHS to correct your false statement about trichrome color indications?

    tha fuck?
  7. haha the man likes to make sure he knows his stuff. nothing wrong with that

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