Browning on leaves

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    image.jpg image.jpg these discolorations are on a lot of the leaves... The second leaf is the very top fan leaf..
    Is it ph?
    Is the first pic nute burn?
    Its not severe but I don't want to water it again until I know what I'm missing.. I barely gave it nutes the previous watering a and the last watering (yesterday) was just plain water.

    *the white dust is fossil shell flour not mildew
  2. Looks to be a deficiency. What are you feeding? How often? Pot size? Also may want to stake up those branches. Most look to be heading for the floor.
  3. Just Biothrive grow formula.. It's 4-2-3. I'm only feeding it every other watering when the soil feels dry and the pot feels light. The pot is 7 gallons.
    The branches are down because I'm trying to train it a bit.
  5. I got it this past weekend and just transplanted it Monday if I remember correctly.. I've given it water to where there was run-off only once, the other times I just kind of gave it what I felt was enough.
  6. What could that be?i feel like it's getting worse.

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  7. Did you pH your water?

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