Browning on leaves, HELP!!!

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    I have a friend who has a hydro set up going with 4 plants. Its on 5th week vegging and it is 2nd day blooming. He notic that on some of the leaves on the plants there were brown spots, on others there were white spots. Hes using GreenDream 1 for vegging nutes. Any one might know what the problem may be???? Will post pics in a few
  2. Pictures will be needed to see what the spots might be. Have you checked for spider mites if those are little tiny white spots you are talking about? If the plant has spider mites they need to be taken care of ASAP.
  3. i tried to post pix but the site wont let them upload 4 sum odd reason. Sumthin else i forgot to add earlier, i just added a fan to the whole equation a few days ago, do u think it may be fan burn????
  4. never heard of fan burn. I usually have at least one plant directly in front of the fan (within an inch or two). It never caused any ill effects.

    small white spots on leaves are a sign of spider mites. They would then cause leaves to die once they suck out all the juice from them. mites will appear as very tiny black specs on the underside of the leaves.

    we need some pics to fully deduce.
  5. White spots sounds like pH issues.
  6. Depends on what the white spots look like, which is why a pic is needed. ;)

    Are you making sure the filetype is a .jpg, and that it is not too big of a file? I don't know if this site has restrictions, but I've never had a problem posting small .jpg files here.
  7. We went to a hydro shop and found out that it wasnt enough water in the the reservoir for the amount of nutes i put in. I had added like 2 gallons of water. But will the plant bounced back, its only been a few days since all this started. Will it stress the plants out?

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