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  1. Hey everybody,
    My plants are starting to brown from edges to inner leaf and bottom to top. My last plants did this week 4 of flower and got to the point where the buds shriveled up and turned brown. Now these ones are starting week 1 of flower. Disclaimer I did have a russet might issue before I brought them in but used smite, pyganic, grandevo and predators and it seemed to clear them up.

    They are in 5 gallons canna coco coir/perilite 70/30.
    Using RO water with ph 5.8 and 800-900 ppm
    Canna boost
    Canna coco A+B
    Mammoth P
    All are at manufactors recommendation. I am afraid its something i have been doing if it seems to be happening again. Everything is drain to waste and I water everyday with runoff. Any thoughts?

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  2. I'm guessing possible Potassium deficiency.
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  3. If your using all the nutes you listed, you’ve burned the shit outa them.

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  4. You'd be guessing right then, agree a K deficiency. Salt build up with all those nutes, are you feeding with runoff?
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  5. @-Cannabliss- just noticed it's coco, i know jack about coco.
    Can coco get a salt build up?
  6. Yes I am getting about a gallon and half runoff per 6 plants. The only extra nutes I'm using is calmag @ 3 ml/G . silicium which is silica. Mammoth P which is microbes and terpinator. The rest is just the canna line at their reccomendations on their website. Is there an additive just for k? I have some monster bloom on the shelf @ 0-50-30
  7. Tested my runoff. It was 830 in 1200 out
  8. I never grew in coco, but from my understanding of it, yes it can, which is usually taken care of with a small flush. Not too much though. Otherwise you may run into more deficiency issues.
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