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  1. Exactly how are those 'Special Brownies' made?
  2. with weed!
  3. combined with...the search button!
  4. 1.) Ground up 4.3 grams of high quality bud

    2.) Poured half cup of veggie oil in to pan.

    3.) Heated on medium to low heat for 2 minutes.

    4.) Dumped ground up bud into the oil.

    5.) Constantly stirred the oil and bud mixture for 27 minutes.

    6.) Once the bud turns brown and the oil turns dark brown/black you oil is done.

    7.) Strained the oil and bud mixture to make sure there were not bits of bud in the oil.
  5. Last night on southpark, when cartman thinks kyle is getting influenced by hippies: "Kyle whats wrong with you?! Did you eat their brownies??? DID YOU EAT THEIR BROWNIES?!?!?!?!" :D
  6. south parks fuckin great......the real town is ugly as shit.
  7. I make canna butter and then use the recipe on the back of the Bakers Chocolate package.

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