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  1. Can u bake brownies in a a toaster oven. I really don't want to skunk up my whole house, so i figured i could bake some browenies out in the shed if it was possible in a toaster oven.

    I thought brownies would be good because my friend's mom sorta has him under lockdown and she won't let him come to my house, although she will let him like go to the mall with me. So i figured i could bake some brownies and we could eat em at a movie.
  2. No, the toaster oven would burn the outside & leave the middle uncooked. Besides baking the brownies doesn't produce much of an odor. When you cook the THC out w/butter/oil on the stove that will stink up your house.
    Also I'd practice baking regular cookies/brownies a few times before trying to cook w/weed.
  3. Make up some cannabutter on the stove (moderate weed smell...use a fan to ventilate), then use that butter when baking the brownies in the oven (no weed smell)...That's how I do it and they floor me every time....

  4. I've tried the cannabisButter and it worked out really well and it wasn't hard at all. i wasn't able to cook enough of it though to get baked off of. oh well, good luck on your brownies

  5. Can somebody please gimme a good method of making cannabutter? I've got like a half-0 to work with.
  6. since you only have a 1/2, i would cut the recipe for the brownies in half to make them more potent, but that will still give you about two dozen medium sized cookies, not sure about brownies. ***just sift your weed really good, getting the stems and seeds (one popped me) out and then saute it in 1 or 2 sticks of REAL butter for about 10-20 minutes. Strain with a fine colander or cheese cloth (where ever you find that), and then just use the butter. here is a website with decent directions.
  7. With a food procesor grind 1/4 oz good herb.
    mix a box of brownie mix and fine herb.
    place in a 9 in diameter baking pan and bake in toaster oven @ 10 degrees lower than instructions on box and add 10 min cooking time.
    It will create a strong odor while baking.
    will make 4 killya brownies.
    eat one, wait an hour and the high will hit.
    this is the way I bake mine but I use a cast iron skillet.
    CAUTION: this recipe is strong.
    If cut into 4 equal portions, ingesting one portion will give you a long lasting effect.
    MY first time to eat from this recipe, I was stoned for over 12 hours.
  8. hey.. i neva heard of anyone else makin 'em that way mr.splif.. lol , that's how i make mine :D

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