Brownies (the chocolate kind)

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  1. Well me and my boys were driving around my small ass boring town one day ripping down mad bowls. We just got a new pipe with a huge bowl on it, anyway we had jsut finished rippping down and we were starving! We figured we had to get some food or face some serious injury due to lack of munchies. So we go into this new pizza place that opened about a week before to check it out. Needless to say we smell like dank nuggets and some of my friends get the worst eye redness known to man. So we go in and i ordered first so i could sneak by undetected, so after we all order food, probly enough to pay thier bills, we are all sittin at the table waiting and laughin our asses off because there is a tv in there and somethin funny was on. So about 10 mins into our wait the owned comes over to us bearing gifts. He comes up to us and says " you guys look like you could use these) and he hands us a plate of about 7 brownies! We all thanked him and thne waited 1 min so it didnt look to obvious and then we devoured them.
    This is why i love weed, if we went in there shitfaced or somethin he wouldnt have given us food and may have even kicked us out, but go in blazed and poeple just find it amusing.
  2. Hahahah that's great, I thought this story was gonna end with the cops being called.
  3. Haha thats so cool. Id be tempted to ask him if he wanted to toke up
  4. I woulda probably ate all 7 of the brownies on my own :)
  5. Ya know that reminds me of last halloween me and my buddys were sittin on these rocks drinkin beers and me and my one other friend were finishing eating some mushrooms and smokin a joint. And the lady who lives near there comes over and is like you guys like m&m's, were like hell yea. And she gave us each fuckin m&ms it was pretty funny.
  6. free food is very underrated, it can turn a day around
  7. [quote name='"capedankness"']free food is very underrated, it can turn a day around[/quote]

    Words of a genius
  8. This thread is 5 years old man, how the fuck did you even find it?

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