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Brownies and Blood Pressure

Discussion in 'Incredible, Edible Herb' started by slice reborn, Jul 17, 2013.

  1. So I have a friend who doesn't smoke weed anymore because it messes with her blood pressure and makes her super paranoid. She's never tried any edibles before and is interested in trying brownies. Will brownies have the same negative effects on her as smoking? If so, is there any other method, such as vaping, that won't?

  2. Weed raises your blood pressure, which is why your eyes get red. Some people get really paranoid when they use cannabis, they need to control that. No, edibles or vaping will not cure these ailments. 
  3. My experience with weed is that it elevates your blood pressure in the beginning then brings it to a steady lower level being one of the reasons that it is helpful to glaucoma patients. Weed will have the same effect whatever system you use for administration.
    I only ever get paranoia due to the drug being illegal, nothing to do with the drug itself for me but I suppose everyone's different. Maybe she just needs to chill out and stop being so paranoid, lol.
    Cannabis does lower your blood pressure. I live in a legal medical state and the doctor who certifies my card has told me on more than one occasion that if your blood pressure is too low, she wouldn't be able to approve it. I know from first hand experience that cannabis keeps my pressure 20 points lower than my medication alone. It lowers your blood sugar which in turn can cause a large drop in pressure. As far as the paranoia is concerned, that could be due to the strain. Sativas are known for that. Eating the edibles will have the same pressure effects as smoking or vaping but it may be more enhanced due to the nature of edibles.  :)
  5. I am on a mild dose of Rx blood pressure medication, but a combination of the daily B/P pill and weed lowers my B/P to unacceptable levels - even rather small amounts of weed does this with the pill.   I do not want to stop taking the blood pressure pills, and just smoke every day, so I'm in a bit of a quandary.  I'm glad that the opposite isn't the case, which is having persistently high blood pressure, which for some people requires multiple prescriptions.      
    Weed does raise my pulse quite a bit as well, but it does this for nearly everybody no matter how healthy they are.  
    It does raise my pulse, too, temporarily. I have to take multiple bp meds because I have a kidney transplant and healthy kidneys produce rennin which is one of the main controllers of bp by the body. With my original kidneys being useless and my transplanted one already having died once, there is no rennin produced. It needs the renal nerve to function and that's not an option, so meds for life. But the extra 20 points lower has made my health a lot more manageable although sometimes, before I got used to it, I could get really dizzy from the drop and have to lie down for a while. I eventually lowered my medications by half and I've been fine since. I told my doctor it happened with MMJ and since I wasn't going to stop, we needed to get it figured out. Great doctor.  :) 
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    I get really dizzy, and my BP has dropped to dangerously low levels when taking full B/P pills and smoking.  Taking half doses of the Rx is not as bad, but I still have to limit weed to one or two hits at a time.   
    I can't discuss mj with my doctor, or tell him I do it, as he appears to be against it - but MMJ is not legal in NY where I live, anyway. 
  8. Not even remotely true. Cannabis is hypotensive and red eyes have nothing to do with blood pressure.
    Yea, my bad I guess it's because of low pressure in the eye, so the arteries become dilated.
  10. In my experience edibles typically have a more intense high than smoking/vaping. Not recommended for someone who has a paranoia problem. Paranoia can be a tough beast for some, but it really can be a case of keeping yourself in check. Some people just can't control their thoughts and let their imagination run away.

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