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brownie questions

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by blue592, Mar 31, 2013.

  1. brownie questions
    I've smoked many times but have never eaten brownies and I have a few questions. While tripping balls may be fun, I'd rather have a light to moderate high with my first brownie experience. Is this possible?

    1) How much should I eat? Like, if I ate 3 small bites of a brownie, would I possibly feel the effects lightly? I just can't figure out if it's "all or nothing" with brownies. Can you get a moderate high or is it either no effect or tripping? How much can I eat for a possible moderate high?

    2) What does the brownie high feel like?

    3) How does it feel for the brownie high to kick in? Is it gentle and gradual (desired effect) or sudden and harsh?

    I know this all seems uptight of me but I don't want to have a scary experience like many people have had before.
  2. well if you're usually chill when smoking you should be fine man.

    1) it depends on the strength of the brownie obviously... if you're really concerned eat about .5 gram, wait over an hour to see if you're feeling anything. if not down another .5grams. you can definitely get a moderate high, you just have to judge it correctly and have faith that you made the right choice, so that you won't freak out if you start to feel a little 'funny' - just go with it, just like smoking.

    2) Big body buzz and very mellow in a sense (not mellow in intensity, but a feeling of relaxation). If you're extremely comfortable with a smoking high, it really shouldn't shock you or anything, it's still the same active ingredients.

    3) The come up is definitely gentle and gradual... you should be able to feel high but function like normal for a good 20 - 30 minutes before the high really kicks in. I'm not sure about many people having scary experiences... I mostly think that is because people who haven't smoked before go for the edibles as an 'innocent' way to get high - take way too much - and then are not comfortable with the way cannabis affects them, resulting in a freak out/anxiety.

    Another thing to note, is that it can last a very long time. I had an edible for breakfast in Amsterdam, packed up my stuff, felt the high coming on as i walked to the train station. was full stoned on the train to Paris (due to the great quality weed), got off and felt moderate high and then felt nice, calm and relaxed (still notably high) untill sun down. The atmosphere of France and the Luvre may have enhanced it, but just keep that in mind if you have anything to do that day or early the next morning.

  3. try a firecacker i just got done eating one about 15 min ago
  4. 1) It all depends on how potent the brownies are. Sometimes you'd only need to eat 2-3, but sometimes more depending on the strain and how much bud was used.

    2) It starts to feel like a glowing orb of light is in your chest and starts to make you feel warm and fuzzy. It starts to get even more intense, so for those who are noobs at smoking I wouldn't recommend trying until your sure you are ready because it can get pretty intense depending on how good and how much bud is in the batch. So DON'T shove 10 brownies down your throat.

    3) You start to lightly feel buzzed and then it starts to rise higher and higher. More higher than it would be when smoking.

    So I'd go easy on it when eating the great batch of goods. Just be prepared because the feeling is somewhat similar to what it'd be when smoke, but oh so more intense. It's something that isn't for the weak who can't even handle a few bowls. Play music great to relax to. I usually listen to Shpongle. That kind of music is pretty trippy. If you get VERY baked, close your eyes, and focus on listening to the music....oh boy will you have a great time. I have some pretty intense closed eye visuals with that music.

    Shpongle - Are You Shpongled [Full album] - YouTube

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