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Brownie Question

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by whatanoob, Jul 14, 2012.

  1. I got 5 grams of some Sour Kush or something like that and I'm interested in making brownies for the first time! My question is, is 5 grams enough to make some potent brownies? And if so, how many brownies could I make with it, like 10-15? Also for the fine mesh coffee filter as seen in the cana butter srticky, could I use the disposable paper filters instead?
    Sorry about all the questions I just really want to get this right.
  2. the recommended single dose for edibles is typically .35 grams. you can adjust this according to your tolerance, as well as how potent your edibles turn out. my theory is that you never know how much a dose should be until you test them ;) (or unless you are experienced and know how well they tend to turn out)

    i would suggest taking a look into making cannaoil using coconut oil as your solvent. i would also highly recommend following Badkat's tutorial. it is the most efficient way, and also will give you the most out of your bud. it does take a bit of time to process the oil and then make your brownies. but you will be blown away by the potency.

    edibles are like anything in life. you will get whatever you put into it. meaning the more effort and time you put into it, the better they will turn out

    heres the link:

    if you follow this guide to its exact words you will not be disappointed. like i mentioned before, it does take time and there are little things she mentions which may seem pointless. but she is VERY informed on the subject and has these things in her tutorials for a reason. THEY WORK!

    good luck in your baking, and hope you enjoy :smoke:

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