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Brownie question: Too much oil?

Discussion in 'Incredible, Edible Herb' started by chickigurl, Apr 7, 2012.

  1. Okay so, my friend and I are baking brownies (2nd time). We got an oz of mids, and we used a coffee grinder to grind them up before putting them in the oil. Problem is, my buddy read the instructions wrong on the brownie mix box, and we put in 3/4 cups of oil instead of 1/2.

    We bought 2 boxes of brownie mix, so we were thinking of just making 2 batches (but in one oven pan, so the brownies are more potent). Would that work? The oil has been cooking for a good hour before we noticed... so I don't really want to strain any out because I don't want to lose any THC.

    Do you guys have any pointers? Should we just add more oil to make it 1 cup and then use 2 brownie mixes? Or would that make the brownies come out wrong?
  2. Either add slightly les oil and lose a bit of potency, or add a bit more batter from other package and lose a bit of potency, other option is just dump the extra 1/4 a cup oil in the one batch and cook it like that. no matter what now youre brownies are SLIGHTLY less potent now cause the Cannabinoids are dilluted in the oil. should not make a large deal to the end result though imo.
  3. just throw the oil in and get lit

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