Brown Spotting on Lower Leaves

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by joedirty, Jun 26, 2017.

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    So this happened overnight. Doing Ebb+Flow, about 3 weeks into veg. Using Canna nutes in a 10g reservoir, 100ml each Aqua Vega A+B, 90ml Cannazym, 75ml Rhizotonic, 25ml Boost.
    Noticed a little root rot starting a couple days ago and reduced my watering (I was overwatering 30min water in then 30minutes out.... now it's 3min in, 57min out)
    Is this a result of bad root rot? CalMag? Nitrogen? pH?` I don't really pH my water, I got some test strips but their pH range is not wide, I mean I use these but I'm not certain how accurate they are. I know the water from my tap is low pH, and even w/ nutes when I pH we're around 6.2 or under.
  2. Repost this in a hydro thread so some of them can help you out. If this is your first grow and you have no experience, you really should've grown a couple in soil first just to get some base knowledge about the plant. Managing a hydro grow is not a simple thing to someone with no experience. I'm sure some of the hydro growers can help you though. TWW
  3. I have the experience of 3 harvests in hydro, but I had more equipment then, a different rig, a guru, and had very few issues. Canna is boss. I guess I'll repost in hydro, thanks

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