Brown spots?

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  1. I Woke up to this yesterday? Only affecting top center 4 leaves. I did a neem oil foliar spray last night. Any ideas ? 20190815_111131.jpg
  2. Calcium deficiency?
  3. Calmag one of them . Or u could be getting rootrot or nute lockout how much do u water n feed .
  4. That's a good guess. The detective work goes, top of plant, immobile, calcium is immobile. Some fertilizers already have calcium included. If yours does not. The safest gamble is to treat with any calmag supplement. Takes at least 5 days to see improvement. I would be monitoring those pink stems. If they clear up with the cal mag, then that would be the mag. If your fertilizer has calcium, then simply upping the dose is the dangerous game to play. The outside lucky chance is the foliar spray acted up. The plant looks like it has been quite healthy up to this point. I'm not a doctor, just playing the guessing game with you. Isn't it fun?
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  5. Fun and stressful! Lol thank you for your advice. I put 1/3 of a dose of happy frog fert on top and watered last has 10% calcium 5% mag. Is this enough, to snap out of deficiency?
  6. I haven't been giving fertilizer other than coconut water up until last night
  7. Yes, that should be plenty.
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  8. How long before I notice recovery?
  9. The first thing is, the pink stems should green up. Some yellowing from here on is common as the plant uses up stored Phosphorous. The best scenario is the plant is happy and just wants more. 5 days you should know better.
  10. Also fert has 4-8-3 npk ratio ....should I add another 1/3 dose of fert next watering? Have been watering every couple days.
  11. No, I don't think so. What you have been doing looks good. See how it responds to what you did, and then it may be easier to see. Practically no harm is done by not giving enough. Giving a stressed plant more can cause things to snowball. If you have a bonafide deficiency, it will be easy to fix and your healthy plant will respond. The calcium was a good guess I hope. Let us know.
  12. Thank you so much. Should I cut off the badly affected 3 fan leaves that are brown and withered?
  13. Yes, Bad leaves attract bad things. Judge if leaving some on will help to monitor progress. Your choice. Wont make a big difference.
  14. Okay just since I will be entering week 4 of flower on saturday and the affected leaves are at the top, I didnt wanna dtress her out more than she already is
  15. 20190815_205420.jpg
  16. I would leave those on to watch progress.
  17. So, I'm still dealing with issue at hand....took ph it was 6.2. More brown spots appearing. 20190816_114224.jpg
  18. I would give it a calmag supplement. Any brand. The benefit will be liquid calcium will be fast acting. The calcium and the magnesium work together so you will get two benefits.
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  19. Okay do u think that's the problem? Will it recover from orange pistils that were starting to flowet
  20. You will get stoned off that plant. It may be ugly. The fertilizer you gave it takes a while to act. The calmag will be quick. If no improvement from the calmag and the extra fertilizer, it will still mature. I'm not a doctor. Always get other opinions. Most of my diagnosing has been from comparing my leaves to the pictures. It's not always a perfect match, and many things start out similar. Calcium def is pretty common and gets blamed for a lot also. The brown on top and still healthy below is a telltale sign. Marijuana Nutrient Problems & Symptoms by Picture | Grow Weed Easy
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