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brown spots on leaves?

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by Mile High E, Feb 7, 2013.

  1. On Jan 26th I planted a white Russian seed in Miracle Gro seed starting soil, I have 150w in CFL Lamps, and have been watering as needed. One of the first leaves fell off on my plant and it was growing nicely, its about 6 inches tall now. two of the leaves have brown spots all over them, I thought it could be from over watering so I made sure not to water for a day. The brown spots are getting worse. I have a 5 gallon container and fox farms ocean forest, should I go ahead and get it out of the shitty fucking miracle gro and into fox farms? What could be causing these spots? Temp in the room is constant 75, lights are ganging a few inches from the top of the plant, leaves aren't touching or anything, any ideas?
  2. Pics of the leaves would probably get you some more help. It's hard to diagnose a problem without getting a good look at it.

    Miracle Grow is probably your issue though. It's a 6 inch tall seedling..i assume you probably started it in the MG, right? MG is notoriously hot and not good at all for seedlings. On the other hand, your ocean forest soil isn't the greatest for seedlings either. Is the seedling already in a 5 gallon pot?

    What I would do: Get a smaller container, like a 1 gallon pot. Take your Fox Farm soil and fill the small pot. Flush it, run maybe 2 gallons of pH'd water through the fresh soil to wash out some of the nutrients. Carefully remove your seedling from where it is now and put it in the small pot. Only water it when the lights go off. Once it recovers and gets a few healthy sets of leaves and begin branching out. You should be able to tell when it's time to move up to a bigger pot. This time don't flush anything, FFOF has great nutrients for a plant that is already stable and should be enough to carry you into your flowering stage.
  3. And with it being so small, and by the sound of it, you probably are over watering..though that wouldn't be why you have brown spots. But either way, a young seedling doesn't have a lot of roots, you don't need to water every day. When you fill your pot with dry soil, take a mental note of how heavy it feels. Water it, then don't water again until it feels as light as it did originally.
  4. the roots were balling up at the bottom. It was time for a transplant.

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