Brown hairs? or just the strain pictures 5 weeks into flower

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  1. Hey guys iam starting 5th week tomorow ( friday ) and some brown hairs are starting to show
    i think thats impossable becouse they had some light leaks and went into shock i think? and also i transplanted both of my plants into bigger pots 4 gallon pots thought they would stop for a while, ive been switching to new nutrients and increased my P-K and the water is around 5.8-6.0 for the best enjoy of the plants

    5 weeks into flower i dont know the strains of them using 2x 250cfl´s those are random seeds

    here are some pictures are those brown hairs? when should i start flushing been giving them 400ml every day now





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    well...the plant looks good. You've got several weeks to go, at least 3 until you can harvest. Could be much more since you said they could've been shocked. Don't judge ripeness on the color of the hairs...check out the trichomes instead (those crystals on the buds). Get a magnifying glass to see those. When the those trichomes start to turn amber, you're close to harvest. Run a search for more info, there's tons in the City.

    The tips of its leaves are a bit burned, so don't use anymore nutrients than you are a few weeks, depending on the trichome color, you'll need to start flushing...generally start that 2weeks before harvest.

    FYI, if you're in soil, the Ph should be about 6.5

    Aside from trichome color, the calyx (the thing the hairs stick out of) will also swell up and the leaves will drop when the buds are ripe.

    Oh, water them every day?? You should only water when the plant is dry...meaning, if you stick your finger in the soil, your whole finger is dry. Then you can give them a good soaking.
  3. This one was on day 32. The strain probably has a lot to do with it, I'm not sure. I was out of pot so I smoked the shit outta her a couple days later o.0

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  4. ^^ looks like it would've been about 10x better if you had waited another 20-30 days ;) did you check the trichomes before harvest?
  5. Cut back on the nutes man, propably burnt your pistils a bit. Just take it easy and you'll be fine :)
  6. so just use like half what iam using now?
  7. I'm having the same problem, dropped the nutes to 3/4 strength and things seem to be improving. Same reason for your burnt leaf tips imo. What are you feeding?
  8. Also like someone mentioned, if you're doing soil your ph is too low. Try to keep it at around 6.5.

  9. Totally agree. Those thin yellow tips on your fan leaves are pure nute burn. You probably want to halve your nute strength.

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