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    Hi everyone, I'm a beginner grower. I've a White Widow growing and flowering beatifully. But today I saw the top of one of the buds turned brown. Its not ready for harvest yet. Is this somekind of fungus or mold or did the top just matured enough to die.
    Thank you =)

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  2. hmm maybe budrot i dont know for sure
  3. Can I smoke it ? :smoking:
  4. It looks like budrot to me too. As far as i know smoking bud like that can make you sick. Where are you located that you have mold already?
  5. Looks like mold to me, break the bud open and see if it's brown or has a white mold growing in it. I had mold on one of my indoor plants last month (I think the cold nights in an attic cause it)

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