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Discussion in 'General' started by lman_15, May 15, 2006.

  1. I was watching Lord of War last night and in one of the scenes the main character snorts coke and gun powder. They called it brown brown. I've searched the web and I havn't found anything about it. Would this make you any more higher than if you just snorted regular coke?
  2. I do that every day. I also break open firecrackers and snort that, it gets me the rush I need :/
  3. i dunno, but it sounds like an awful idea
  4. haha classic.

    only way i could think to top that off is stick a lit match up your nose to really set things off with a *bang*
  5. yea i really dont see how thats gonna do anything but make your drip taste ever worse.
  6. Wow it's amazing how far some people go just to get a little extra buzz.
  7. Kind of off topic to where this thread is going... but the beginning of that movie is FUCKING AWSOME!!!!
  8. i beleive the person of it is to completely fuck with ur mind and make u trip out and go crazy. they give it to soldiers (mainly child soldiers) to make them nuts and fight like beasts. haha i just mentioned this in another thread a few minutes ago what a coincidence
  9. yea but if gunpowder has psychoactive effects thats news to me.
  10. i bet you anything it would fuck you up like crazy. More in like a serequel datura mannor... not enjoyable at all. not to mention the drip from that is probabaly a beast.
  11. Now I remember. In Metal Gear Solid 2, the blond dude mentions them putting gunpowder in his food when he was a kid.

  12. haha
  13. "all purpose war got the rottweilers by the door

    and I feed em gun powder so they can devour

    the criminals tryin to clock my decimals" B-i-g-g-i-e
  14. That movie was awesome. They must have used black powder for that scene though, since modern smokeless powder looks like little flakes/dots. The powder in your standard 7.62x39 cartridge is in stick form too, which is what they supposedly used since it was "from his AKs".
  15. I'm glad i wasn't the only one thinking about MGS when this topic came up but i realy wonder if it's true.
  16. i'd snort that brown brown if they did it right.
  17. brown brown was common with the RUF in Sierra Leone during thier bloody civil war against the government both sides blew brown brown and smoked a bunch of shwag and would go berserk with the combo. crazy and sad stuff both sides recruited children under 10 to kill. brown brown is the devils concoction and burns your brain away making you stupid and ruthless... Peace should be with everyone and everyone should share there tranquility and herb with everyone else.
    ...peace all...

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