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Brothers exp.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by busterr, Apr 14, 2006.

  1. So, i've been living on my own for about a year now.. and I havent been to my house in about 6 months.. I was sitting there today and my brother got in from school and asked if I had ever smoked marijuana, i believe he was a little high. I contemplated and replied back, "Well.. yeah, i smoke pretty often." And he showed me his dime bag, and asked if I wanted to smoke. Being that I havent smoked since I got there, I happily agreed. It was shwag, but you could tell it was homegrown, and different than most shwag I normally get. It was fluffy, not bricked up. Almost limegreen, not dark dark green. I normally just got kbizzle and dro because of it. Well.. getting to the point.

    After me and my brother had gone through a bowl on this homemade tinfoil pipe of his.. I was pretty blazed, and he was fucking gone.. He was sitting there holding his side in pain and saying.. "IT WONT STOP, IT KEEPS GOING ROUND AND ROUND.. THERES SOMETHING IN MY STOMACHE!"

    He was crying and everything, and like fucking shaking and shit.. I had to hold him in my arms to get him to calm down and stop.. he finally calmed down a bit and went and took a shower.. he's fine now.. but WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED? I am PERFECTLY normal, it was some good smoke actually.. Could it be him reacting with the tinfoil? I dont think it could be laced.. i had no bad affects. Well, I had the munchies but who the fuck doesnt? ;)

    He's out of the shower and normal.. I've been reading these forums for quite a while and i'm just now starting to post.. so, thanks for having me GC! Looking forward to posting more often.

  2. Uhhhh only thing I can think of, is he got really really hungry and his stomach hurt. :confused_2:
  3. Yeah that can happen if i get the munchies and dont eat my stomach feels the same way just tell him to eat somthing next time
  4. or eat to much idont know though, one time i was smoking out a home made pipe and took a bad hit and i thrown up a couple of times, and was fine right after got something to wash my mouth out with, never nothing that serious.

  5. haha, i love that smiley.

    OP: whatever it was, i wouldnt relate it to smoking.
  6. Maybe he just had a li'l panic attack. It can happen.
  7. The only thing I can think of is that he faked it, to try to get you to freak out. That or maybe he was playin 'round?

  8. I had a panic attack like the 3rd or 4th time I smoked. It was crazy. Though I was trippin balls. I cant beleive I got that high off of weed. I would love it, if I could get back there now a days:D
  9. I freaked out the other night, walking home from my friends when my muscles fucking cramped up as i was walking. i treid to ignore it for a block not noticing i was walking on my tippy toes becuase i was blazed as fuck. it just got worse and i fell, and i think my high just intensified the pain even more. not fun
  10. ahahaha i do that shit all the time i dont even realize what the fuck im doing...
  11. Roger that, I curled up on the floor screamin once or twice when I was just starting. With shitty weed, too. Haha, wish I could go back to that, just once. Funny, my friend had told me on the phone "It may suck now, but in a couple of years you'll be wishing you could get that high again." Heheh.
  12. My bro thought I was a great kid and never did anything bad until he walked in my dorm room and saw my bong.....he never told my parents and I rewarded him well, but no, no one I know, even with homegrown, has ever wigged out like that....
  13. I have one thing to say, your both dumbasses, tinfoil kills you...that is why your brother was screaming...who knows...maybe im a dumbass...
  14. ^sarcasm^

    but on a serious note foil=bad...

    i would say that he might have swallowed a shitload of smoke or had a stomach cramp or maybe hit it off of something and didnt realize. it wasnt the weed being laced or bad.
  15. Dude get him out of the habit of using tin foil bowls. Those are bad for you.
  16. yeah, buy him a piece :smoke:

    i wonder what was wrong with him, man. that sounds very weird. i'm going with either swallowed too much smoke, was trying to freak you out siblings will do that you know, or got some mad munchies that i don't ever want to get.
  17. haha.. i've got madd munchies right now.. about to eat some ramen! I got my first RooR today, yellow label.. with ice notches and ashcatcher.. I fucking love it! Soo smooth. I'm getting a digicam next paycheck. My brothers ok, he has never smoked out of a reg. peice before.. i think it was the foil because he smoked a joint today and felt fine. Well, i'm gonna scarf down these noodles and head off to bed.. night GC!

  18. Sounds like a standard panic attack to me. Well not "standard", I don't know anyone who's cried, but whatever. The stomache thing happens to me when I get paranoid and anxious, it feels like it's moving rapidly and the panic makes me want it to stop.
  19. sounds like IBS, a intestnine diaseas which i have, and some times i would get a big knot in my stomche aftersmoking but alot of drugs fuck u up, imean even a small amount of caffien would make me want to get a knife and cut it out i refer to it as a stomach attack weed helps it out alot though. it allows me to eat choclot here and there
    anyway i would take vics and percocet for it but thos FUCKED me up and i couldn't even funtion. so all in all u should take ur bro to a doc to see if every thing is ok.
    good luck, peace
  20. it might of been the tin foil but lately i've been getting head aches from smoking and i've been smoking joints and blunts, nothing with foil.

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