brothers dumb girl

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  1. Ok so i get high with my brother often, and his gf of four months decides to start to smoke. He always is buying now and smoking me and her out. The catch is this she always flirts with me. WTF do i do . my mind is blown atm.:smoke: I know I'm not taping that or going for that i want her to stop flirting with me. I told her too stop but she doesn't listen. Fucking sluts man. trying to cheat on my brother with me. whats wrong with this world.
  2. Good job man, don't let her ruin you and your brothers relationship, Bros before Hos.
  3. Couldnt agree more +1
  4. i third this.
    you need to let your bro know about his girl
  5. Is it your older or younger bro?
    regardless, stop smoking with the two of them, she's not worth the damage she could cause.
  6. This is the epitome of Bros before Hoes.

    stand tall my man, think with your bigger head. :smoke:
  7. my brothers girl gave me her number to hang out. I never called
  8. Dude, don't let a simple thing like genetics get in the way of a possible 3-way. :D

    Sorry, just couldn't resist with that one, and yes, of COURSE I am 100% kidding here.

    Bros before hoes, you know the rule. If she really gets on your nerves about it, I would bring it up in FRONT of your brother. Say something like "hey, you gave me your number last week, how come?" or something like that to at least get your brothers attention to maybe start questioning her intentions here.

    Or you could just confront your brother about it. Just be nice, you don't want to bite the hand that's feeding your bowl.:cool:
  9. My cousin asked if I was up for a 3, maybe 4 some with a girl and maybe her sister (twins).

  10. Casually open palm slap her in the dome piece and tell her to get her mind right..
    Act like nothing happened, she wont flirt with you anymore.
  11. It's my older brother. I wouldn't stop smoking with him over this, theres just way too much I'd miss out on. If she flirts this afternoon I'll bring it up too him.

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