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    I... I just don't understand Bronies and their fascination with My Little Pony.. Isn't that a corny cartoon made for 2-5 yr olds? Where do you even meet Bronies... Gay Bars? Adults taking odd interest in a girl's kid's show about ponies is wrong... 

  2. Heeeeeeere we go again! 
  3. What difference does it make?
  4. you're right it doesn't make any difference I never met any in real life. Just seems fucked up for fully grown adults to be obsessed with a little children show
  5. Yea I always wondered what happened to those people when they were little.
    Does it matter whether it's a children's show or not though? I've known plenty of adults who were super into Adventure Time or Invader Zim or whatever. 
    Children shows can still be fun, I don't see anything wrong with adults really enjoying these shows.
    I think an obsession to the point of calling yourself a "brony" because you like the show is a little much, no matter how much I enjoyed the show I wouldn't want to put the "brony" label on myself, but to each their own really. :p 
    It's when people get super creepy about it that really icks me out. The kind of people who want to fuck the ponies and what not, that's way too fucking weird for me to even defend. But just enjoying the show? That's whatever to me. 
  7. I've never heard Of a Bronie, but fluffys? That shit is nasty as fuck
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    Eh, I like MLP:FiM, but I wouldn't call myself a Brony (or Pegesister as I'm female). It's just fun and I love the characters.
    My sides have left the universe. You're in too deep just for knowing that.
    I don't care what people enjoy, it just how they handle themselves. If they act like a reddit tier meme-spouting retard, well then, I dislike them because of that, not their fanbase though I do look at it with contempt. One the other hand, know what's worse than Bronies? Furries and Sonic fans. Holy fuck, Sonic fans, what are wrong with you?

    I'd love to find the video of the brony testing out his new crib but alas, I lost it.
    Like said above, you can spin it with any fanbase. I refuse to mention anime in public because the image associated with them.

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