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  1. First off, I will admit I'm both a heavy user of marijuana and I smoke on average half a pack to a full pack of cigs every day...

    I'm not sure if I developed bronchitis. Before school was over (end of April) I got real nauseous, like enough that I had to stop packing my shit up and just lay in bed for a bit. I came home and started to develop a really bad cough. I also got some weird ass eye shit that went on, which as a result of I had like mucus around my eyes everytime I woke up.

    I have a wheeze right now, which I've never had before. In fact, I'd say my actual smoking had been non apparent in terms of negative effects yet (I haven't been smoking that long, just about a year).

    When I cough I usually cough up white mucus. I saw that that could be an indication of viral bronchitis, but thought I'd get GCs opinion. I'm pretty laxed when it comes to getting my health checked out at the clinic, so it takes a lot to get me there. If you guys think I'd be better of getting like some steroids or something, I guess I'll head there.

    This has been going on for almost three weeks.

    Thanks GC :wave: :smoking:
  2. Dude, go see a doctor. Better to be sure and get treated than to worry and not know, you know? Take care of yourself. Good luck!
  3. It's pretty much gone, since I developed it originally a long time ago. Atleast I champed through it smoking Afghan Kush and Juicy Fruit, haha - aww, man that was so brutal.


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