Bromo-dragonfly blotter ~ pics

Discussion in 'General' started by CHRONIKKKK, Aug 15, 2008.

  1. got this at a party ... guy sayed its 750ug and its for 2 people ..... i am gatta take it soon and check out the 24 hour ride ...... hopefully it will be ok ... can anyone share experiences with bromodragonfly or anything ? :p

    peace dudes


  2. I look forward to hearing your afterthoughts of it. THough i dont want to say anything, as i think itd be best to not have what i say about it affect your trip.
  3. There was a time when i could get hold of this but I never actually took it, seeing people under the influence looks similar to people on acid with sort of a childish open eyed awe at the open world, it looks like good stuff.
  4. its very rare ... havent found it anywhere ever untill now
  5. nah its not acid .. its bromo .... id be actually ok with a 350ug acid trip .. but a 350 bromo .. i dunno .... but im ganna do it soon :rolleyes:
  6. just curious if this ever happened? how did it go?
  7. That's pretty high dose...

    Good luck...I used to fuck with research chemical, but it scares the shit out of me.
  8. i would love love love to get some bdf.... wow, im kinda depressed with myself right now because i want some so bad
  9. d000000d have fune!
    I tripped for over 18 hours hard when I took thaty stuff thinking it was acid. It was awesome though

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