broken taillight

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  1. A few months ago I had my closest call to getting caught by the cops with weed.IT was late at night, probably one or two in the morning, and I was smoking my pipe, driving down dirt roads and such b4 i got home. After i finished my pipe, i decided to pull over for a second as there were no cars, and open up my back seat to throw my pipe in the trunk with my weed. I also used some eye drops.

    I also opened up multiple windows to help air my car out for a while, maybe 10 minutes, but then closed them when i got to a main road b/c it was a little chilly. And then a cop is suddenly following me. Shit.

    Just as i made it the the little road my house is on, the cop turns on his lights, and i pull over, worried as fuck that he will smell the weed i had been smoking. I think it had been 15-20 mins since i had smoked.

    Here is where the good news begins: he just asks about my record (its clearn!), and for my licence (didnt even ask for registration, which is good b/c i looked for it the following day, it would have taken a while to find). He goes to his car, and when he came back, he told me i had a broken tail light and to get it fixed soon. I went home and enjoyed my high.

    I think he didnt smell the weed b/c i had aired out my car for a while, but i cant be sure he didnt let me off intentionally.
  2. thats sick, good lookin on stayin clean and high :smoking:
  3. Man, I would be freaked out haha. A friend of mine has a broken tail light and he smokes and drinks while driving all the time. I get paranoid whenever I get in his car

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