broken slider ='s me pissed

Discussion in 'General' started by naku06, Jun 16, 2006.

  1. I know what you mean. I've broken the handle on my slider on my small bong before, no fun.

    I personally like number 2 for the slightly more elongated shape and the wicked dot pattern.
  2. Either one looks good but I like the 2nd one better. I feel ya on the broken slides though man, I've broken quite a few on my mini piece. Well, I've broken one but its been broken many times.. :mad:. At least they paid for em. The last slider I got the guy at the headshop just gave to me for free since its a tiny little guy, but the glass is so thick that it can be dropped on concrete and still survive-I love it.
  3. The 2nd 1 is much cooler than the 1st i like it. I hate to hear bout the break though, I had a buddy of mine break my bong the other day I was lucky though b/c I was able to save the bong i jus Had to buy some new pieces. JOE>
  4. The second is much cooler than the first, but I wouldn't pay 45 for just a slider. I mean you can pick up an actual bong for that price.
  5. i like number 1 wayyy more, number 2 is...just strange, and number one matches ur bong
  6. I'd say the second one.

    It's very alien looking

    Sorry to hear your slide broke, dude.
  7. im gonna have to go with numero uno like nush casue it has a handle and would match pretty good man
  8. thanks for you opinions guys. ill think it over for a bit. i think im going with #1 though, i dont want the bowl branching out too long. thats how it broke in the first place. thx for the love.

  9. If it's not too late, I'll make a personal input. I'd take #2.

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