broken plants any way to save

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by KronicDreamz, Jan 3, 2011.

  1. :cool:hey whats up i have a small grow space and one of my pots tiped over and the plant broke well i thought i could grow this like a clipping but im new to this stuff and wanted to get some body elses opinion this happened obout three days ago and the plant has down amazingly well just in water but how do i get this to re rout the only reason im asking is becuz the plant is starting to turn a yellowish color like if its getting over watered can i get a lil help i wouldnt want to lose it as it was doing wonderful and it was a sprout from a bag of kronic i had i know that only makes a diffrence if u know both sides of the strain but i figure its better then the 1s from the mexi that i had when the kronic source is dry and its very rare to find a seed in the bud i get i just went through an ounce and not 1 so far oh nobody would like to hook a fellow grower with some seeds or how about exchange seeds of course we would both be takeing a risk but thats a easier thing to lose out on then cash since some of us produce are own seeds and i know im always down to grow a diffrent strain and try something new right:smoke:
  2. yes if you cut off the end and dip it in a rooting compound and and spray the leaves on a regular basis, but it might be too late..
  3. ya to late my babys gone lucky he was an extra but can u recomend some routing compunds
  4. sometimes i have found, you can prop the branch up to where the bend or break looks close to how it was, and tape it. ive done this twice actually, had a really congested grow space at one time.
  5. i have done the same thing with cloth athletic tape. it works very well if you are gentle and you do it soon.
  6. alright well thannk both of you it was a lil late but sufficant i found some good enough onsome othe threads after i learned how to find stuffin the threads :cool:
  7. I split one down the middle after topping it, then used a zip tie to tie the split part back together, then it got all bushy but kept growing and I harvested some pretty dank bud from it.

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