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broken pipe help

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by NoMoreLove., Jan 25, 2009.

  1. My little brother put a chip in his pipe and i wanted to know what the best way was to fix it even just temporary

  2. I don't know, put a few pieces of electrical tape over it.
  3. id consider it a loss and roll a doobie.

    that break is too close to the bowl for tape or anything like that. but thats just me man.:smoking:
  4. Sorry dude but its fucked, you can't fix that unless you're willing to pay more than your bowl is worth.
  5. I'd say it'd be better to just go ahead and buy a new one, doesn't look like u can do anything about it.
    How'd he chip it?
  6. Do you think tape would work for just a little while even though its close?

    Ha ha he was really baked and somehow managed to drop his 360 on it.
  7. Yeah, its doneski man.

    If you have to smoke right now, make a can or roll a joint.
  8. duck tape fixes anything.
  9. Duct tape fixes anything that doesn't involve using fire. You're bowl can't be fixed man, just get some brass plumbing pieces from home depot or some shit, it's no harder making a brass pipe than it is playing with legos, and it never breaks.

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