Broken joint on bong, fixable?

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  1. Had my bong on my dresser and knocked it over late one night trying to hit the light switch. Fell on my ps4 and the joint cracked. I've had this baby for 4 years, it is a blue 250. Think a solid glass blower could repair this?

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  2. A solid glass blower could easily fix that no worries man
  3. Get some aquarium silicone (at any hardware store). just look for the stuff with the caulk and joint sealant. make sure it's water tight kind. I fixed several of my bongs back in the day that way. only when they break at the joint like yours did. i would try very carefully to get the best seal you can maybe try grinding off those broken shards so you can make a bowl fit. remember whatever you put in there will be permanent so i use a seperate downstem if you have one. especially since getting the flame close to a bowl that close to the silicone is probably no bueno. but if you have a diffuser laying around just get in to fit inside there best you can and squirt it up with that aquarium silicone. it won't be pretty neccesarily but i had a 500 double tree perc and when i was 17 and it broke i wasn't getting a new one any time soon. got several more years out of it. if i can dig up my old bongs i'm going to try to convert them into oil rigs or see what i can do with them .
  4. oh man...its a roor 250 i'm So sorry. that really sucks. as i re-read that i was like bong sitting on dresser, fell on PS4 because you hit it when trying for the light switch..... i need to move my new oil rig lol thats like exactly my setup...
  5. HAHAHA !!! Love that movie! That was great!
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