broken jet flash

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  1. :mad:I ordered a Jet flash from E.D.I.T on april 29th, didnt get dispatched until may 5th.Then didn't arrive until may 14th. AND THE MOUTHPIECE IS BROKE !! Ordering online sure is a gamble!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. whats a jet flash
  3. use your search box,youll probably like !
  4. mine broke too.. but thats because i dropped it onto concrete :(

    luckily i ordered 2 because theyre so fuckin awesome!

    order from the grasscity store mine came in with no problems at all and they threw in a free pack of screens too:hello:
  5. ya, I would prefer grasscity too, but shipping was 40 days on my molino bongfrom GC as opposed to usually 8-10 days from Didnt pay off this time though..
  6. you ordered on my bday =)
  7. yeah shipping does take forever. especially if your in the USA you gotta wait like an extra 2 weeks just to get in through customs :(
  8. My friend had one of those, he loved it. I absolutely hated it
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    if it arrived broken send em an email with pictures of the packaging and the broken piece.. more then likely they will have you return it for another one. EDITs customer service is top notch.

    and honestly if you want a piece like that of better quality get a helix, not this knock off.

  10. that is if you want to spend 3X as much money on the same thing :/

  11. I have the original helix and it is NOT the same thing.

    My helix was being held in a friends hand and another stupid friend knocked the helix out of her hands and into the window blinds where it fell down to the carpet in one piece... The helix is DURABLE! That is worth the $100 LHS price ($150 on ALT). Or you could get the large helix for 300 on ALT or 150-200 in the LHS.
  12. a buddy of mine has one of the first helix's ever made, i toked out of that bitch like 2 weeks ago. you get what you pay for.
  13. Yah-except we can't all afford $300.00

  14. Just because you can't afford it doesn't mean it isn't worth it :)
  15. i like the bubbler attachment on the jet flash way better than the helix, its got a grip for your hand :cool:
  16. The grip is probably not gonna work with banana hands like mine and it makes it asymmetrical.
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    Just want what I payed for really. They asked me to send pics of broken mouthpiece. They will then discuss sending me a replacement piece.
  18. this thread is boring
  19. send me your jetflash ill fix it..... sure i will...

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