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Broken Glass

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by greenerdeaner, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. Hey all

    I was cleaning my friend's bong since he always lets me smoke out of it, and because it was dirty as fuck. After i finished cleaning all the months of resin, I accidentally broke the slide on his roor ashcatcher. Any idea how much a new slide is going to cost? It wasn't diffused, and the only special thing the slide had was the white roor sticker and a blue dot. All I need is the slide, not the ashcatcher. And the new one doesn't need to be diffused.

    So how much is the slide going to cost?

    Here's a pic of the broken one (sorry cant get regular camera to work right)

  2. I was at a headshop yesterday and it was gunna cost me $40 for a new slide and ashcatcher on clearence, unfortunatly it was the wrong size..

    I'd say anywhere between 20-40 $

  3. a while back i made a tequila bottle into a bong and just for that glass stem part you are shwoing i payed about 7 bucks
  4. you could get em for around $30. im a nice guy. so id probably replace it with a diffused roor so I know were solid. its worth the extra few bucks.
  5. its hard to find those one piece bowl/downstem slides so you might have to buy him both for no more than $40ish or youre getting a bad deal
  6. Replaced it for $25, thanks

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