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    So my bowl broke randomly yesterday. We were smoking it and when I unpacked I noticed there was a chip in the bowlhole. Not bad, but noticeable. If I use a screen it should be just fine. 

    It's just that I've read on here that imported glass that was drilled has glass bits that vary in size and can even be microscopic. They can be inhaled and stuck into your lungs forever and can cause damage over the years. Glass bits stuck in my lung forever!? Really!? Never buying imported glass again.

    So my question is, since there is a chip in my bowl, should I just not smoke it? Will the glass slowly chip away microscopically and will I inhale tiny shards every now and then? Should it just be replaced?  Is it even safe to blaze with glass anymore!? That article really got me thinking about my lungs man...

  2. depends how thick the glass is I suppose, if its really thin cheap china glass then fuck it
  3. I always get the thickest glass piece I can find in the shop. It is by no means thin glass, it was a 20 dollar bowl at a local smoke shop. 
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    Post a pic??
  5. Any 'shards' of glass from drilling could simply be washed away.

    I would clean the piece just to make sure the bit that broke off cant get inhaled but I wouldn't worry about any microscopic shards chipping off and being inhaled though.
  6. Yeah just wash it and you'll be fine man
    I don't think the glass isn't going to erode over time just from putting burning weed on it, even if it did the resin will cover it right up anyways

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