Broken Dabbers

Discussion in 'Concentrate Tools' started by realblunted, Feb 5, 2012.

  1. An old friend of mine broke my sherbet dabber I just got a few days ago :( this isn't the first time someone's broken the tip of one of my dabbers. My question is, is there any way to heat up and re-shape the tips back into a more pointy tip with just an everyday torch? Maybe a stupid question, but I thought maybe it'd be possible
  2. I wouldnt think so, but what do I know lol

    I heard you can use dental picks as dabbers, and those are probably pretty cheap so maybe look into those?

    Sorry I couldnt be more helpful
  3. I realize this is an old thread, but it seems like a question that deserves an answer for others who might have this question.
    Mending ths in a regular torch isn't possible. Even if you could get the glass hot enough, you wouldn't be able to control the temperature evenly enough to keep the piece from cracking.
    If it's a special dabber from a known glass blower you are probably best off contacting them about getting it repaired. This is especially true if the glass is a special mix of colors or rather elaborate in shape.
    On the other hand, if it is a broken shaft that is not very elaborate and a solid color or clear then any competent flameworker should be able to do an acceptable repair. Your best option, if you find yourself in this situation, is to find a local glass blower to fix it for you. They should be willing to do it for a reasonable price and this would save on shipping costs. If you don't mind the cost of shipping both ways, you can use just about any decent glass blower who is willing to fix it for you. You can find someone, local or otherwise,  willing to fix it on the Talk Glass forum. It takes time to become a good flameworker, so I would recommend checking their work out before sending it off to be fixed.
    Hope that helps someone.
    Disclaimer: I have two family members who are glass blowers.
  4. Ummmmm yes you can. I've done it multiple times. Just heat it up with a propane torch until the glass is movable and use pliers to shape a new tip
  5. I made a boro nail with my BB&B torch sitting on my desk just FYI lololol
    You can definitely fix it but if its a Sherb, it will never be the same again :p
  6. You could also wet sand the broken tip back down to a point

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