Broken bowl piece inside turbine bong

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  1. Before Any smart ass responses come in to this yes, I have tried all the logical methods like soaking it, cleaning it pulling it up with my finger and also pulling it up with pliars so I came here as a LAST RESORT! With that being said and out in the open I have a nice bong that I purchased sometime last year and up until now I have had no issues but currently the bowl piece broke in to 2 pieces and I am unable to get the part that is stuck in the bong out so my question to all my fellow stoners is how should I go about getting this out without damaging the bong?
  2. Get a torch and a pair of needle nose pliers. Heat the outside of the junction and carefully use the pliers to pull the broken piece out.
  3. Won't that melt the glass of the bong and the bowl piece? I was hoping not to fuck up the bong doing anything to get it out
  4. Not if you're carefull.
    Heat it up enough to melt the tar and oil that's gluing the pieces together.
    The heat will also expand the outer glass of the fitting.
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  5. I have already cleaned the piece and got the resin out as I do not dab.... but the problem is that what cause the break was a lighter falling on the bowl getting it stuck further down than it was designed to be this causing it to snap in to 2 while trying to pull the bowl piece up originally
  6. Once again be careful and the heat will expand the outer portion of the joint.
    Also there is always some oil residue on glass joints from smoking flowers. That is enough to act as a glue and stick those pieces together.
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  7. hello man, for your luck i have been in a very similar situation many times. the deeper it goes the more tighter the fit, and altho i don't disagree with MrFooey about using heat (i have before with good results most of the times), i disagree with it being the best possible way to do it because the joint is already stressed and could crack from heat.

    what i did and what you should do, is fashion a stick out of epoxi-dough, then after this stick hardens, you will attatch a new fresh piece of epoxi dough around the tip of the stick, and place it on the downstem. BE CAREFUL, you want the fresh dough to touch NOTHING BUT THE CRACKED BOWLPIECE. if the fresh dough touches any other part of your bong, this will be a fail and the bong will be unusable, but assuming you do it right, and let the dough touching ONLY the broken bowl piece, once it hardens you will have a solid handle trough which you will pull out the piece. rotate it around it's center to help losen it up, then you can start slowly pulling . be very careful, and don't be afraid to use strenght, just be careful to rotate it around it's center, do not tug it in any other directions or you will break the whole downstem joint
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  8. How about a little metal hook that will fit down the hole. And then use the hook part to pull the broken piece out from the bottom
  9. once it's stuck, pulling only works if it's centered. using a hook will mean that the side of the glass piece that the hook is touching will tilt upwards, while the other side will tilt downwards. this is likely to crack the whole joint (done it before, it hurts to think about it, i loved that bong)
  10. Good point. What about one of these? The wings fold up and once it's past the bowl piece they open up and would pull from both sides. IMG_5797.PNG
  11. it could work if the hole is big enough

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