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Broken bong!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by smoke lota dope, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. Not new to smoking, but I'm new to owning a bong. I bought a bong about a month ago, and long story short its now broken.

    I dont know how to describe how its broken but ill try.

    The bowl goes into this long skinny thing, which goes into the bong. The thing the long skinny thing goes into is broken. trying to upload pics now.

    How do i fix it?
  2. Yeah, I don't think that's fixable...
    If it was just the down stem you could have replaced it, but the part the down stem is going into .. is like..the actual bong :p

    You might have to get a new one, unless someone can suggest a fix.
  3. I cant afford another bong.
  4. It's called a downstem and we don't know how it's broken so how could we possibly help. You can buy another downstem anywherE
  5. I just posted two pictures.
  6. Oh I see the picture. You could make it a grommet bong

  7. It doesn't look like his down stem is broken.... *Correct me if I'm wrong:smoke:*

    Oh and I saw some of your vid's on youtube... nice review... :smoke:

  8. Yeah my bad I couldn't see the break. You broke the joint off. Go to a headshop you need a grommet. Won't be the same but will work
  9. You broke your joint. RIP to your bong. That bong wouldn't even be worth it to fix, just buy a new one or rig this one with epoxy or something to make it work.

  10. Nah man you're completely right I didn't see the broken joint in the second pic do I assumed. Thanks on the compliment i appreciate if you have any ideas I'll do more!
  11. Is it worth it?
  12. Yeah man at my headshop everything you need would set you back like 8 bucks but just a grommet should run you no more than 2 dollars take your piece there and explain what you want to do they'll help
  13. Im going to go now. Ill post the results.
  14. hot glue and tape.
  15. My guy at the store said its fixable, and hes going to order the piece to fix it for me.
  16. Well, it looks like the hole the stem goes down into is broken. I'm not too sure, but you could possibly tape it? Hot glue it? Just make it airtight, that's the only thing that makes it unusable.

    - Serenity

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