Broken bong?

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  1. So the day has come. The MuFuckin bong just broke, so here you are looking for answers. Throw that shit in the garbage and dont look back! Keep the downstem and bowl, and you can turn pretty much anything into a nice, very legit looking pipe. I recommend bottles (air tight & can hold water) it doesnt necessarily have to hold water so any solid material with empty space would work. The possibilities are so endless its really crazy! Maybe try an empty can of Pringles, it can hold water (maybe not for long, but deff would last one session), you could throw some ice in it. Or I know a 2 liter has A LOT of volume, maybe try that. Hell, using this method, you could TURN A WATERMELON INTO A BONG. You could even still use your attachments (precoolers, carbon filters, perculators)

    1.) Make a hole the size of the diameter of the downstem. If its plastic, i recommend using a lighter to burn a hole. If its not really pulling, you might have made the hole too big. Fold up a napkin, wet it, and wrap it around the downstem, and it should seal the leak

    2.) Smoke

    Dont put a gay ass carb on it, youll fuck it up and its unnecessary. You can pull the bowl and that will work just fine

    When looking for possible bongs, keep these questions in mind. Is it air tight? Can it hold water? How many uses could you get out of it? Could i put ice in it? Will it fall over if you set it down? Would it have an odd taste when you use it?

    Also if you dont have a carbon filter, get it! The difference is so incredible

    As far as the watermelon bong goes, its possible. Dont try me.
  2. Good advice man! I'm just gonna throw in that the more sturdy the bottle, the better the resulting bong will be. They can be difficult to balance when there's nothing but a paper thin layer of plastic weighing them down.

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