Broke Somebodys Bong

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  1. So I broke my friend's bong.  We're not really friends I guess, but we used to be and were still cool and stuff.  So anyway, I'm chilling at my friend's house.  We weren't smoking or anything and I got up and walked to the other side of the room, turned, and my foot tipped the bong over (which was on the floor next to some drawers).  The bong fell over and broke.  I told him I would pay for a new one.  He said that the bong was like $180.  I refuse to pay that much because I feel like it wasn't completely my fault.  It was a total accident and had nothing to do with bong handling. It wasn't even being used. I didn't even know the bong was in the room.  I'm thinking I'll pay him like $150 because I don't want any drama and I definitely feel bad .  It really sucks that I'm going to lose $150 for taking a step in the wrong direction and accidentally knocking over a poorly placed bong.   Any thoughts?  Will he be mad if I don't pay him the full $180?

  2. You could try getting a similar bong on sale for a good price
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    I'm a very new user as well. So hello. Breaking someone's glass is the worst lol. But I don't give two shits about ppl who leave bongs on floors. It's the stupidest thing u can do. I would've talked for awhile about it. Maybe even Argued with dude. Like hey man whys ur bong on the floor. If he has any animals like dog or cat he's a pro at havin his shit broke

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  5. So you broke something that belonged to this guy and are asking if he might take offense if you dont pay the price of what you broke?
  6. So are you not friends anymore because you broke his bong Or ?

    Who Dat!
  7. tbh if a friend of mine broke something that expensive and offered to give me almost the full amount like that, I'd be cool with it. Accidents happen and in the end I'd only be out $30 instead of the full $180.
  8. piss on him, he should pick his shit up and not leave where it can get broke.
    Thats just glass for ya!
  9. 150 seems pretty fair just tell him how you feel about it. But makesuree to pay him tho

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