Broke My Pipe Last Night

Discussion in 'General' started by Mr. Bunglesmith, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. So last night I was cruisin bowls with my friend. Smoked 2 fat bowls, and then he dropped me off at home. I stand up to get out of the car, and I hear a thud, and what sounds like glass. I turned, looked at my friend, took a deep breath, and looked down. I had left my phone and pipe on my lap, and upon standing up, both had fallen to the ground.

    The phone (a cheap piece of crap that costs $7.11 at my local 711) was fine. My pipe was broken.:(

    I have not smoked since then, and it has been 20 hours since this happened. That is a looong time for someone who's used to blazing every few hours.
  2. I know the feeling.
    I bet the most common breaks/drops of items are people getting out of their cars while having things on their lap or not in their pockets entirely.
    Hopefully you werent too attached to that piece.
    One time I had a piece break and it meant so much to me it brought me to tears, tears that hadnt been shed in a long long time.
  3. I've done it before man. I remember, one of the first pieces that I broke, crashed right into the ground when I was drunk and stoned and stood up with it in my lap. I was in college. I felt so defeated by my stupid actions. However, with death always comes birth, and I got a new piece. I'll never forget about that fallen solider of glass though

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