broke my first pipe. a sad day indeed.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by allouttaweed, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. yes blades, the day has finally come where i break my first pipe. there i was, smoking in my window, completely happy. i turn to grab my grinder, and i knock my pipe against the wall. i was holding it pretty loose, so it gets knocked fom my hand and tumbles towards the concrete. theres a split second slow down where all i thought was "god....damn it" than time sped back up again and i heard the terrible sound of shattering glass. i went from :smoking: to :eek: to :mad: in less than a second.
  2. Did you check your underwear?

    My brother once broke a 75$ pipe n broke it 7 hours later while we were extremely baked. :(
  3. LOL that's why I started selling um. No more worries I always have a pipe!
    Snow L
  4. And a scale, and a bong, and a vape, and ...and...and...
    Snow L
  5. What are you toking out of now man? That sucks but it happens, it's something you have to learn to accept.

  6. right now im using the slider from a bong i broke not to far back until i can get a pipe monday. i would say this is karma, but i didnt do anything bad enough to deserve this!
  7. Well that's a giant kick to the testicles...
  8. first piece i ever broke was a $70 sherly. i was hammered, walking down a dirt road with my brother while freestyling and it just... slipped.. and then i heard my own heart break.. or maybe it was the glass.. couldnt tell u

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