Broke my downstem...

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  1. So i accidentally broke my brand new downstem for my zob og, this the diffused part broke after it slipped out of the bong. is their any trick i can do to make sure the downstem cant come out? and does anyone know how much a replacement will cost? :eek:
  2. I would invest in something called a keck clip or k-clip. They are made to hold in your downstem so when you pull your slide to clear the tube, the diffuser does not come out with it. Get one for anywhere from $1 to $10, eBay has 'em and prolly so does your local headshop.

    As for the replacement cost, I really wouldn't know. Perhaps if you scoured google you could find some better info on that matter...

    Peace and happy tokin.
  3. Downstems are $10 or you can get a diffuser for $15. Just go to the local headshop and make sure it fit's your piece before you walk off with it. I usually leave my bong in my car and pay for the downstem and tell him that I will be back if I need a different size. They usually don't have a problem with me walking out to my car with them and coming back if they are too long or short.
  4. oh sweet haha, i thought it was gonna cost me a lot more to replace.. hahah well sweet, hopefully they have what i need :smoke:

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