Broke my bong's tree perc, Philadelphia help?

Discussion in 'Bongs, Dab Rigs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by Kevzaz, May 4, 2011.

  1. One of the arms of my tree perc was broken off. Wasn't dropped or anything so I am confused but what ever. Is there a bong repair in philadelphia? Or would I be better off selling it and getting a new one? It's a straight tube, diffused downstem, 4 arm perc above, and a splash guard. Got it for around 170. Please help =[
  2. Not worth fixing most likely, pretty expensive and hard to get a tree perc fixed
  3. Thanks. That's what I was thinking. I could probably sell this for 80-120 still. I was thinking of picking up a micro.
  4. if anyone paid 100 bucks for a bong with a broken tree perc they are dumb ahha

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