Broke Mans Grow

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by redneck420, May 23, 2010.

  1. this is my second real try at growing i have one that is standing around 16 inches tall been growing a long time had a pretty tramatic veg state moving and all and not knowing about lighting and so on.
    but idk if it will ever do any thing but this journal is more twards my little one just statring out in life and i am not rich so this is the broke mans grow so yah i know of the goodies i can be using but
    this is what i got.
    1 2 foot groww light
    1 90w cfl
    and some small planters will go bigger when the time is right
    the babies have been in the dirt about 5 days now they are taking off like crazy compared to failed attempts i will be postiong pictures soon as i find that cord were ever it may be but the babies
    are around 2 to 3 inches already and are showing the first set of leaves i look foward to seeing the next set about 3 to 4 days this set of babies are just some that came from another state and thought we would try it out
    but its late and imma go sleep i will try for pictures this evening and see what i can do to show progress at such a young age to compleation :hello:
  2. ok so another day another bowl nothing new and excitng going on other than try to post a few pictures got the cord and imma put them up they are nothing for me to bragg of and still small and very young so noting reall happens for the first week or so as yall know. but lik it ays im not rich and i make due with what i have i am using expert gardner soil feeds for 3 months and i got some expert gardner all purpose plant food i would like to invest in some good bloom booster i was thinking mabe it would hurt the plants if i used it then i did some research come to find out more ppl than not use it so yeah thats a future buy and i for got my other light its a 60w grow bulb and its just a back up light i dont have a extra fixture yet or i would include it in so its just s extra for now i would add the pictures to this one but i dont ave a url for them yet so i guess yor sol for a bit till i muster up the energy to look up another site to do so for now i do hope to hear some replys or mabe so really cheap sugestions that would make a diffrence considering all i have is time im willing to give it a shot but for now happy rolling and good night

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